Beacons of Light (2013)

Beacons of Light Cover.jpg

For alto saxophone (with kick drum) and vibraphone (with tam-tam, bass drum, kick drum)

Duration 14'00

Premiered by Gordon Gest and Edward Cunneen on December 2nd, 2013 at Katzin Hall  in Tempe, AZ.

Program Notes

Movement I plays out like a call to prayer, first in the solo vibraphone then in the saxophone.  The second movement acts as an episodic fantasy on the call to prayer.  It digests motives drawn from Movement I and develops them into full musical ideas.  A completely separate inspiration of the piece is drawn from the 1958 science fiction film Terror from the Year 5,000.  As such a fantastical and B-movie sci-fi feel is present throughout.

- Chris Lamb, November 2013