For Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Bassoon (dbl. Contrabassoon), and Two Percussionists

Duration 9'30

Recorded by the University of North Texas NOVA Ensemble


In the cold, dark waters of the Pacific waters off the shore of Canada, lies the sea serpent Cadborosaurus willsi, or “Caddy”.  The mysterious beast is the stuff of legend with multitudes of differing accounts of its evolution, heritage, and physical attributes.  Essentially the “Loch Ness Monster of the Pacific”, Caddy’s aura of mystery is ever present.

The work is divided into three segments (without break), each capturing an imagined attribute of the creature.  The first paints the literal picture of the still water and the bellows of the beast below.

The second section (marked by the change in tempo and lengthy Bassoon solo) is the above the sea image of the serpent swimming.  One singular motive is passed throughout the ensemble while continuously being layered over one another.  It resembles the single serpentine crest above the water that soon becomes two, then three, etc.

The third and final section is the funk.  In many pictures and drawings of the creature, it posses a horse-like mane that is not unlike a Mohawk on your local garage band drummer’s head.  With this image in mind, the work drives ahead in a youthful almost rebellious manner with the constant impression of funk rhythms and style just beneath the surface of the music.

 - Chris Lamb, October 2011