Freakazoid! (2009)

For Wind Quintet

Duration 3'00

Premiered by the Christopher Newport University Aurora Quintet on March 25, 2010 at the Ferguson Center for the Arts, Newport News, VA. 

Program Notes

The title Freakazoid! comes from the television show that lasted for two seasons starting in 1997.  The show was about a crazy superhero (Freakazoid) and his alter ego, the ever-awkward Dexter Douglas.  The piece can be divided into three parts (each indicated by a tempo marking).

The first and last sections are representative of the clinically insane superhero.  The high velocity of these two segments represents the high octane, borderline psychotic nature of this superhero.

The middle section expounds on a theme briefly heard in the first section.  However it is re-written in an awkward nature to reflect the awkward alter-ego of the superhero.

Freakazoid! was written for the CNU Aurora Wind Quintet and clarinetists Lauren Slagle.

-Chris Lamb, February 2010