Hemispheres (2013)

Hemispheres Cover 1.jpg

For wind band

Duration 7'10

For Robert J. Lamb III and Marion Henson Lamb

Program Notes

The title Hemispheres refers to the two halves of a sphere, commonly used when describing planets and other celestial bodies, namely Earth.  However in the context of the work, the term is representative of the two halves of the partnership that is my incredible parents.

Because of my parent I saw the world.  I’ve been in each hemisphere and I’ve seen and learned more than could ever be possible out of a book.  My father’s job in the military kept us moving in my early years, and we never missed the chance to explore neighboring countries in the vicinity to our country of residence.

Movement 1 – Sunnyside Cathedral – pays homage to my mother.  Sunnyside was one of the few constants throughout my years of moving.  Home to my mother’s parents, Sunnyside was a beautiful escape, a world away from the world.  I’d spend hours exploring various places in the aged home.  Our family had a great number of adventures – snakes in the cottage, discovering old cars, etc.  It was a cathedral of beauty and joyous memories.

Movement 2 – Hero – is naturally reference to my father.  My father is my rock, my hero and my guide through life.  Never shy about sharing his thoughts and suggestions, which despite my teenage years of rebellion, I usually follow, only to find that he’s is nearly always right.  He attended West Point Military Academy, which provided thematic inspiration.  The second movement quotes The Corps, a song sung by the corps of cadets at West Point.

- Chris Lamb, April 7, 2013



2 Flutes

2 Oboes

English Horn

3 Bb Clarinets

Bass Clarinet

Contrabass Clarinet

2 Bassoons


Soprano Saxophone

Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone

4 Horns in F

4 Trumpets in Bb


2 Tenor Trombones

Bass Trombone





4 Percussionists

Percussion 1:  Orchestra Bells, Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Splash Cymbal, Tubular Bells

Percussion 2:  Triangle, Suspended Cymbal, Xylophone

Percussion 3:  Crotales, Tam-tam, Marimba, Bass Drum

Percussion 4:  Vibraphone, Bell Tree, Tubular Bells