Mercury Theater On the Air from Pillars Opus (2012)

Fixed Media

Duration 8'10

Premiered at the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater on December 11, 2012 in Denton, TX

Program Notes

Mercury Theater on the Air  is an atmospheric piece constructed out of physical models of strings fed by white noise and radio recordings.  The radio recording sampled is Well's War of the World  broadcast from the beginning of the century.  The radio show sparked panic on its first broadcast which represents the panic surrounding the legalization of gay marriage, both worries are equally useless.

The sound of a ring spinning on a desk is representative of gay marriage and Euler's Disc was used as the representation of the physical model.

Mercury Theater on the Air  is the second work in the Pillars Opus , a collection of electronic works that utilize the spoken word as methods of making a statement about homosexuality and love.

- Chris Lamb, December 2012