Planetarium:  From The Music Of Gustav Holst (2009)

For Brass Quintet (featuring Horn) 

Duration 5'00

Premiered by the Cardinal Brass Quintet on January 30, 2010 at the Ferguson Center for the Arts, Newport News, VA. 

Program Notes

Planetarium began as an effort to transcribe the various melodies of Gustav Holst’s masterwork, The Planets for brass quintet at the request of the Cardinal Brass Quintet.  However it soon morphed into an attempt to fit as many of the melodies into the five minute framework it exists in today.  There is experimentation with each melody as different planets are played together to form new melodic and harmonic material.  Each planet is represented at least once during the work.  The work features the horn player.  Planetarium was commissioned by Jorge Rivera and premiered by the Cardinal Brass Quintet.