Pop and Lock (2012)

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For Bass Clarinet, Drumset, Marimba/Vibraphone, and Piano

Duration 6'30

Premiered by Vanessa Gilbreath, bass clarinet, Andrew Blanton, drumset, DJ Stuckey, keyboard percussion, and David Falterman, piano on November 6, 2012 at the University of North Texas Recital Hall. 

Program Notes

The title Pop and Lock is derived from terminology from the dance form Popping. This work is homage to the movements of the body when someone dances the dance. A trademark quality of the dance is a segmentation of the body moving in contrasting directions and differing speeds. The work is constructed as if each member of ensemble is a different body part, at times they are perfectly in sync and sometimes they each sound at their own pace.

The work also literally consists of two motifs used throughout. The first of these motifs is the “Pop” which first occurs in the first bar of the piece. This brief pop is reminiscent of the jutting motions of the dance form that pop into place and freeze. The second motif is the “Lock” which acts as a groove in which the piece is constructed around. This first occurs in bar 16 (rehearsal B).

In the final section of the work starting at bar 147 the drum set plays a very basic hip- hop set part at twice the normal speed. This is the final homage to the origins of Popping and it helps to join all the instrumentalists in a final statement of the work to lead it to the finale.

-Chris Lamb, September 2012