Quiver (2012)

For Horn and Marimba (Two Players) 

Duration 3'45

Premiered by Jessica Young, Raychel Taylor, and Jonathan Ramos on March 25, 2013 at the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater in Denton, TX.

Program Notes

Quiver is a musical portrayal of the Green Arrow, a hero without superhuman powers who is exceptional with a bow and arrow. After loosing his parents at a young age, the wealthy billionaire became a harbinger of doom for villains and thieves, generally stealing from the rich to the poor, a la Robin Hood.

The piece is representative of the quiet intensity of his arrows whizzing through the air as he takes on his enemies. The music blends the delicate nature of the horn and marimba with the excitement of the hero shooting his arrows and dashing away to make his escape.

-Chris Lamb, November 2012